A digital marketing agency with a focus on sustainability

At New Logic, our ambition is to boost disruptive sustainable brands with the help of our result-oriented digital marketing strategy. Hence, it’s not about us, it’s about what you stand for, what you strive to become and how you aim to create change for the better of our global community.

We want to be a catalyst for sustainable change. Our objective is clear; to understand our clients’ challenges and the impact they wish to make. However, there are no shortcuts when navigating in a digital realm where engagement rules are continually evolving. Transforming bold goals into tangible results is our specialty, and that’s why our competences will enhance your companies mission.

Operating from Stockholm, New Delhi and Queensland, we work with a network of professionals, all linked by our creativity, passion for business, and sustainable outlook. Based on your individual needs and goals, we put together a team of specialists to meet your expectations. We are committed to taking the necessary time required to satisfy our partners and customers. 

Our Digital Marketing Services

1 Trillion
estimated sales from global e-commerce 2020
1 MT
(million ton) plastic waste in our oceans by 2040. Equal to + 3 million blue whales
EARTHS NEEDED, to sustain US

“We’re incredibly satisfied with the SEO progress and can highly recommend New Logic. After only 3 months our traffic had increased with 80 %, and after 6 months we saw a 152 % increase in our non-branded traffic compared to our pre-SEO statistics. As a result, our sales from organic search results has increased considerably during our collaboration, and we’ve gained new customers that would otherwise have been out of our reach.”

K. Johansson, Ecommerce Manager Gant

Our Philosophy

We believe that sustainability-demands must drive future disruptive innovations because we need behavioral change to solve the climate crisis. Digital marketing is a force for transformation and accelerated progress. Consequently, we aim to drive social and behavioral change by boosting businesses and brands actively improving current systems’ efficiency and driving positive exponential change.

We strive to create substantial value, focus on results, and stay flexible in our approach. Selective measures do not sit well with us. We believe in long-term goals and lasting results. We do not latch on to a single discipline but instead aim to build a complete strategy, including considering each phase our clients go through during their yearly cycle (i.e., omni-channel mindset). It could very well be that SEO covers the basics, but we decide to strengthen the strategy with Facebook ads to expand the market or boost a product launch (alternatively; tap into new target groups / find new customers). It might be that mobile traffic conversion shows a negative tendency, and we decide to solve it with A/B testing while our developers optimize user-experience. To create an impact in the digital world, we have to widen our perspective and provide a seamless customer experience across all channels.

We are a growth partner for sustainable brands. Our clients make us who we are. We work with businesses and cooperations with ethos linear to global sustainability values (human, social, economic, and environmental).

Bucket list of bossy brands we would love to work with. Is your company one we should add to our list? If so, drop up a note hi@newlogic.se

“Results are always the main focus with New Logic, there’s no fudge. They have a holistic approach, and based on long-term goals we focus on various digital channels (SEO, PPC and SMO) to maximize revenue depending on the phases our business is going through. Fixed monthly rate, good reports, committed and competent. I sincerely recommend them! They managed to solve the entire Nordic market for us.”

Anders Jonell, Quickplay

One of us?

What we do at New Logic makes a difference – for people, for animals, for the environment, and for the world in which we all live. With more than eight years of success behind us, our business is ready for even more exciting growth as a function of who we chose to work with.

If you are clever, creative, passionate about what you so and strive to make a positive impact – we invite you to join us on that journey.

Available positions will be posted on Indeed whenever required. For example, at the moment, we are actively looking for sustainable consultants to work with us. Additionally, our offices are always happy to receive internship requests and spontaneous applications, regardless of available positions. You do not have to be based in Sweden, New Delhi, or Queensland – we accept international applicants from all over. If you think your skills could be an asset to us, and are eager to join the team, send us an email at hi@newlogic.se.


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