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Today, the economy is built on a linear approach, which means that we extract natural resources, produce goods, and throw them away as soon they served their purpose (i.e., ‘take-make-waste’ model). On the other hand, a circular economy allows materials to flow in a continuous cycle and decouples growth from restricted resource consumption.

The global consumption amounted to 30,5 trillion USD in 2006, which was 28% higher than ten years earlier and six times higher than the consumption year 1960. The global population increase can, to a certain extent, explain the rise in consumption. However, when eliminating that effect, consumption has tripled per capita compared with

We have probably all witnessed it; brands that get blacklisted after doing something that their consumers highly disapprove of. Maybe we have also seen the opposite; consumers that are supporting companies when sharing their values, opinions, and vision. Consumers that change their consumption based on political and ethical interests are called political consumers.


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